The Buccaneers should not be a problem for the Packers

Jermichael Finley-PackersThe NFL’s Week 16 will see a very well-known game of the NFC Central when the Packers face the Bucs. Pay per head bookmaking companies know that Green Bay are looking forward to clinching the title in the division, and in the playoffs they could also have an advantage in the home field. Tampa Bay have a very bad record in their conference – in fact it’s the worst one. However, nothing is guaranteed, and this game could prove to be a very intense matchup.

This season, Green Bay appeared at moments to be close to having an unbeatable offense behind a huge season played by QB Aaron Rodgers. However, last week the Packers only held to 13 points when they were beaten by the Bills, who were able to stop the Packers and Rodgers right there and then. The Bucs’ defense can’t be compared to the Bills’ defense, but this season Green Bay only have a road record of 3-4, and only three points decided two out of these three victories, so the Packers are clearly not as good on the field while away as they are when they play at home.

Regarding Tampa Bay, when it comes to their offense they’re having huge problems, as over 17 points were scored only one time in the last nine meetings that they played. Mike Glennon or Josh McCown did not do a very good job so far, as the Bucs’ rushing attack was one of the league’s worst. This year, Green Bay were more or less mediocre, but they were able to offensively beat challenged sides, so against Tampa Bay they should do a make a proper performance.

It isn’t easy to believe that the Packers could end up losing this matchup. However, pay per head bookmaking companies could see that this season Green Bay did not impress much at all while they were playing in road games. Even though they will probably focus again after having been beaten last week, there’s a big possibility that the Packers are looking forward to a game in Week 17 against the Lions, and the NFC North could be decided by this meeting. Green Bay should be struggling in this game, as Tampa Bay will most likely try to do the best they can to have a close meeting, but the Packers should prevail, and fans everywhere can’t wait to see what will ultimately happen when both sides face each other.