The season is over for Texans QB Mallett after muscle tear

Ryan Mallett, QB for the TexansMedia reports said that Ryan Mallett, QB for the Texans, is set to miss the remainder of this season as he suffered a torn muscle, something that concerns many fans, and now internet bookmakers would like to see how the team will fare with the player’s absence.

Mallett, who ended up playing through the injury in Houston’s game on Sunday, suffered a tear of his right pectoral muscle on November 6, which was the first start in his career against the Browns. All week, the player was able to hold full practice, but was placed on the injury report due to a chest injury before the meeting took place.

However, a team source said that the injury suffered by the player is still being assessed and his status has not yet been decided on.

Houston used the player as a starter just before the team’s week off. He took the place of Ryan Fitzpatrick, former starter and a veteran of 10 years. On the 31st of August, Houston traded for the player’s services. The first three playing years of his career were spent with the Patriots. The player was never able to throw an important snap, and only four passes could be thrown by him.

An NFL source said that While Mallet is out with an injury, the team is set to sign Thaddeus Lewis, former QB for Buffalo.

Houston got the player’s services for a conditional pick in the draft. With the news on Monday, Mallett will not be able to reach the necessary playing time – 40% of the snaps made by the team – so the Patriots are set to get a seventh-round pick.

In Mallett’s first start on the 16th of November, he was able to complete 20 out of 30 passes, throwing one interception and two TD’s. Since 2001, the player’s QBR proved to be the 10th-best of any starting QB. Mallett was only able to complete 21 out of 45 passes on Sunday against Cincinnati, and the injury probably set him back in this game.

The Texans’ fans hope that the team won’t find themselves in a difficult spot without the player amongst their ranks, and hope that they will somehow work around this situation, and Mallet’s fans would like to see him make a very speedy recovery. Developments on the player and his health will be closely monitored by internet bookmakers, and wish to see him back in full health – even if it means that he misses the rest of the NFL season, as his health comes first.