The Vikings must improve if they want to get anywhere

Minnesota VikingsLocal bookies can see that the Minnesota Vikings currently have a team that does not rise above being just average, and are sure that they could be much better if a few added pieces are thrown in. At quarterback, Matt Cassell will most likely be the one to open up the team’s season, and pay per head services know that it poses plenty of uncertainty on how the team as a whole will perform, considering the player’s influence.

And local bookies believe that if Cassell somehow slumps, it should not come as a surprise if Teddy Bridgewater will be the one to start by the fifth or sixth game. Price per head services are sure that Adrian Peterson will do a great job for the team as always, and maybe they should consider making Cordarrelle Patterson’s role a bit more extensive.

Local bookies know that Greg Jennings continues to be a good option for the Vikings, but the player simply does not have the productivity that was shown during his best days with Green Bay, and they can’t wait to see how he does this time around. Pay per head services believe that Anthony Barr should not have been taken at ninth overall because they don’t think that he will be able to produce immediately, but they’re sure that the player should be a very good project when it comes to his development in the game.

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Overall, local bookies are not very optimistic at all when it comes to the Vikings, as the team’s mediocre secondary and depleted pass rush will not get along very well with good offences. Pay per head services don’t believe that the Vikings will prove to be very successful in the 2014 season, but local bookies know that it’s still too early to tell how the team will perform, and maybe a miracle will happen and they end up surprising the fans – in a good way, of course.