Tomlin said that the Steelers properly followed concussion protocol

Mike Tomlin, Steelers coachMike Tomlin, Steelers coach, said that he’s taking “offense” over any assumptions that his team didn’t follow the league’s protocol on concussions when they were beaten by the Ravens 30-17 on Saturday night. Sportsbook software services also heard the rumors, and can see that many people are talking about what is happening with the team.

In the fourth quarter of the game, TE Heath Miller and QB Ben Roethlisberger a.k.a Big Ben both left after they were knocked pretty badly. The players quickly returned to action – something that raised questions on whether Pittsburgh took the necessary time to have each player properly examined, and many fans seriously hope that they did.

The policy that the NFL has regarding concussions largely sketches what the team has to follow when a player gets a concussion diagnosis. There’s a mandatory concussion test within a game if a player shows symptoms of this type of injury, and one that can be very dangerous. According to the team, Miller and Big Ben didn’t show any signs of having suffered a concussion before going back to action.

During the conference held by Tomlin at the end of their season, the coach said that the players didn’t suffer a concussion in Pittsburgh’s AFC wildcard game where they lost.

“I assure you that proper protocol was followed. That’s not how we do business,” said Tomlin. “I have no reservations or hesitation in that regard, and really I take offense to the assumption that we would put those guys in harm’s way.”

The coach said that he felt fine about sending Miller and Roethlisberger to the field on Saturday night after the players were given the green light to go back to action.

“I have that level of trust in our medical staff,” Tomlin said, “not only in terms of their capabilities but their understanding of how we do business.”

After the game was over, Roethlisberger said that he suffered from a “little whiplash” after Ravens outside LB Courtney Upshaw sacked him. On Tuesday, Big Ben said that he wasn’t concussed when his team lost to Baltimore.

NFL fans can see that there is increasing awareness over concussions in the league, and know that they’re not to be taken lightly at all. Sportsbook software services hope that the Steelers did follow protocol, and the team’s fans trust that they did.