Barkley says that that there are coaches who agree with him

Charles Barkley - ex-basketball playerOn Tuesday, Charles Barkley – ex-basketball great and current analyst – was highly critical about analytics exponents in the league, as he said that being talented is what really matters for a team to be successful, something that is no secret to anybody in the NBA. Live betting services believe that the former player has a point, but also think that here are unnecessary quarrels going on.

Barkley released his comments when he featured in “Inside the NBA” – aired on TNT on Tuesdays – when he answered a tweet made by Daryl Morey, Rockets GM, who said that his weekly chatter is not much more that negative opinions with the guise of entertainment. Many fans saw that his words sparked plenty of controversy, and wanted to see what the next move would be.

On the show on Thursday, Barkley first said that he holds no ill feelings towards Morey, but then he spoke about why he’s annoyed by the GM.

“I have nothing against Daryl Morey,” said Barkley. “But what annoys me about Daryl Morey is (the Rockets) go out and get James Harden. Then, they go get Dwight Howard. They go get Trevor Ariza. They go after Carmelo Anthony. They go after Chris Bosh. How is that analytics, just getting better players? Just explain it to me. Seriously. I am willing to deal with common sense. I mean, come on. They are just bringing in better players. How is that analytical?”

The former player also says that there are people in the NBA backing him up, and live betting services saw that he put special emphasis on coaches.

“I think more people agree with me who know basketball than disagree,” said Barkley. “I’ve had at least four or five NBA coaches call me loving what I said. I saw Mark Cuban. I also saw a couple of coaches say analytics are a small part of it but a big thing is what Charles said is correct.”

Even though Barkley is right that what NBA teams need to win is having talent, there were other people who disputed that analytics give the conditions that ease acquiring the necessary talent, and help make better decisions.

NBA fans can see that there’s plenty of controversy on these arguments surrounding Barkley and others, and believe that things should mellow out for the sake of the game.