Bryant suffers torn rotator cuff in game against Pelicans

Kobe Bryant InjuryKobe Bryant tore a rotator cuff and will most likely not be able to play for the rest of the season, according to sources. Sportsbook software services can see that the fans are now very concerned about his future – especially after this latest setback.

Bryant, who on Friday was evaluated by team doctors, was injured in the second half of his team’s loss against the Pelicans, and according to sources, the player was struggling with an injury to the shoulder ever since the NBA’s preseason.

Byron Scott, Lakers coach, was not hiding his worry about Bryant’s future in the sport in the team’s shootaround in San Antonio on Monday.

“Yeah I’m worried,” said the coach. “We all in the organization are worried about it.”

The injury suffered by Bryant appeared to have been aggravated when there was 4:14 remaining in the game’s third quarter, when the player drove baseline to make a double-handed slam dunk.

“It felt fine when I went up, didn’t feel too good when I came down,” said Bryant.

The player was grabbing his shoulder while running back down the court, and several minutes later he pulled out of the meeting with the Pelicans.

Then during the game’s fourth quarter, the player checked back when there were five minutes remaining, and sportsbook software services saw that he was favoring his shoulder. Bryant was trying to use his left hand to dribble and rebound, but when he was shooting, something was clearly not right, and the player used his left hand in a turnaround jumper.

“Obviously after I saw that everything he did was with the left hand, I knew then, let’s get him out of there,” said Scott.

On Friday, the coach said that he thought that Bryant, who last season was only playing in six games after he recovered from knee and Achilles injuries, could rehabilitate yet another injury if necessary.

“This is one of the toughest guys I’ve ever been around as far as dealing with injuries and things like that and being able to come back,” said Scott. “Everybody said he was done after the Achilles and he came back pretty strong.

“Knowing him the way I know him, I know he doesn’t want to go out this way. I think he’ll rehab it if that’s the case and then we’ll have to wait and see.”