Caldwell does not want the Lions to do a lot of sightseeing in London

Detroit LionsOn Sunday, the Lions are set to play at Wembley Stadium when they face the Falcons in the international series of the NFL, and coach Jim Caldwell is not focused on touring the city, as he wants his team to concentrate on the game ahead, something that price per head agents know is very important.

“For us, it’s a business trip, not a vacation,” said the coach. “Most of us that are working — coaches and players — won’t have the opportunity to do things that tourists normally do.”

There’s the possibility that the Lions will have some time available on Friday afternoon or evening to see some of the city’s attractions, but as Caldwell said that he told the team, “If you’re really looking for a real good time and you want to take a real true tour of the city and Europe, win a lot more football games, you’ll have a little extra money in your pocket and you’ll be able to do some of that.”

In the NFC North, Detroit currently have a record of 5-2 and are tied for the division’s first place.

The Lions vs. Falcons game is set to start at 1:30pm in London, which translates to 9:30am in Detroit.

“We did a lot of research,” said the coach. “We looked at the teams that had gone over late, and the teams that have gone over early. We looked at all the parameters.

“It doesn’t fit everybody. We weighed it out what fits us best. We’re going over early to give ourselves an opportunity to have a normal week of practice, as normal as possible with skipping time zones, to get ourselves acclimated.”

Price per head agents know how important it is for the Lions to fully focus on the game in London, and know that too much sightseeing is a luxury that they simply cannot afford. If they win the upcoming game, then maybe they should go out and have some fun, and hopefully there won’t be too many injuries so they can have a proper celebration.