Chandler Parsons changes shoes after injury to the ankle

Chandler ParsonsOn Sunday, Chandler Parsons, small forward for the Mavericks who’s a big hit with many NBA fans and price per had sportsbooks, was back on the court after he missed seven meetings due to an injury to the ankle.

However, nobody saw the player’s signature shoes.

Parsons, who has an endorsement deal of $1 million a year with Anta – a shoe company based in China – was wearing Jordan Brand shoes with covered logos in his team’s 100-93 victory over the Lakers due to worries that the shoes played a role in his sprain and bone bruise that he suffered in his left ankle.

“I just am trying to figure out if it was one of the shoes that I was wearing that bothered me,” said Parsons. “I just wanted to fix them and make them stiffer.

“The injury that I had, [Mavs athletic trainer Casey Smith] was telling me how [the Anta shoes] were a little too flexible in the ankle, so I guess they said Jordan Brand had a stiffer shoe. In the meantime, I blacked out the logo and am trying to wear those until my new shoe is out.”

When the team went to Portland, the forward met with representatives from Anta, in the start of the Mavericks’ road trip of three games. The shoe company decided to modify the player’s shoes so Smith’s specification could be met.

“They’re going to fix my shoe and hopefully send it back soon so I can get back in Anta,” said Parsons.

The player suffered a bruise to the bone and a sprain when the Mavericks beat the Rockets on the 20th of February. But prior to the All-Star break, the player’s left ankle was getting in his way.

Before last season, the player signed a deal of five years with the company. Then, Parsons earned more from what the company paid him than from his salary with the league, as the player was a pick in the second round on his rookie contract with Houston. Price per head sportsbooks learned that after next season, Parsons is able to opt out of the contract that he has with the shoe company.

“For the past over one year’s cooperation between Anta and Chandler, both parties have been working together closely to make products satisfied by Chandler,” said Shawn Liu – Anta’s sports marketing manager overseas. “According to Chandler’s new situation, we already started making adjustment to the CP1 shoes, to make sure the products are exactly according to [the] player’s need and request. We believe Chandler will be back in CP1 shoes very soon. Under all circumstances, Anta’s No.1 priority is to satisfy players’ needs, this is what keeps motivating Anta to grow and improve.”

There are other players in the NBA endorsing Anta, and these include Klay Thompson, Kevin Garnett, Luis Scola, and Rajon Rondo.