DE Greg Hardy wants to return to action for the Panthers

DE Greg Hardy-PanthersOn Friday, inactive DE Greg Hardy, who is very well known with sportsbooks providing bookmaking solutions, said that he wants to play again this season for the Panthers.

Since September 17, the player was on the exempt list – with payment – while he has a pending case of domestic violence. Hardy’s trial was recently set back until early in 2015, meaning that there’s the possibility that this season the player could return to action for Carolina (3-5-1).

“I want to play, man,” said Hardy in his first public comments being put in the exempt list of Robert Goodell, NFL commissioner.

“My team, you know, is losing right now. So I can’t wait.”

This week, Hardy said that he was in South Florida so he could have a meeting with Drew Rosenhaus, his agent. Even though he wasn’t able to feature for the Panthers since Week 1 of the regular season, the DE seems to be in good condition, and is regularly training.

“I train everywhere,” said the player.

Several teammates supported the player, as well as coach Ron Rivera, and he believes that now that the trial has been set back, the DE should hit the field again.

On Wednesday, a spokesman for the NFL said that there weren’t any changes in the player’s status and that the original statement made is still standing, saying: “The agreement with the union regarding Greg Hardy’s status states that he agreed to be placed on the commissioner-exempt list with full pay until the criminal charges pending against him are adjudicated, and that no discipline will be imposed against him by the team or league until the charges are adjudicated.”

The DE did a very good job on the field in the Panthers’ opening game, as he was able to record one sack and four tackles when Carolina took out Tampa Bay. With the player not in in the lineup, the Panthers are 2-5-1 so far this season.

Hardy’s fans and companies offering bookmaking solutions know that the player was in deep trouble after the domestic violence incident, and seriously hope that things changed for him. However, they know that the most important thing that he can do right now is return to action and focus on the game. Hopefully he’ll do that, and not be involved in any future incident.