DeSean Jackson said that he didn’t direct his Instagram post at anyone

Redskins WR DeSean JacksonThe Instagram post released on Monday by Redskins WR DeSean Jackson was one of the reasons that coach Jay Gruden spoke about social media problems involving the team. However, the player said that he didn’t direct his post to any specific person, but online bookmakers can still see how problematic this whole issue is proving to be.

The player posted, “You can’t do epic s— with basic people.”

The post was released one day after some people accused QB Robert Griffin III (RG3) of having called out other Redskins players after the team ended up losing to the Buccaneers 27-7.

“Whoever felt it was directed at them, that’s who it was directed at,” said Jackson. “I’m not going to talk about last week. It’s a new week, got a new team to play, and that’s what the focus is on. Whoever felt I was talking to them, they can take it how it was taken.”

When he spoke in a conference call to reporters in San Francisco, the player said, “If you follow me on Instagram, you see I post a lot of things like that. … If you look into too much of what it is, you get lost. … I was just posting a quote, man.”

The WR also mentioned that he had no worries about controversies that came up in the week. Online bookmakers could see that a lot of the controversy involved RG3, but the post by Jackson on Instagram also incited questions regarding the team’s coach. A week earlier, Jackson supported RG3 in a meeting, and he seemed pretty serious.

“I don’t get into any of that, bro,” said Jackson. “I don’t entertain it. If it doesn’t have anything to do with myself, I’m not worried about it.”

This week, RG3 received plenty of criticism after the performance that he made against Tampa Bay, and with coach Gruden focused on the player’s basics, Jackson said that he knows how to deal with being criticized.

“We’re all professionals, man,” said Jackson. “That’s what comes with being a professional athlete. You have to know how to take it and how to give it. Criticism is a big factor in this game. Depending how you play and how your game is on Sundays or Mondays or Thursdays is what they critique you on. The best thing to do is play at a high level and put everything else to the side and erase what happened. Just play good on Sunday.”