Doug Baldwin wants to see changes with the Seahawks

Doug Baldwin-SeahawksThe WR who many NFL fans know as “Angry” Doug Baldwin, showed why got the nickname after Dallas beat Seattle on Sunday 30-23 at home, and pay per head agents could see that the player was not very pleased at all after the Seahawks’ loss.

“We have to quit BS-ing ourselves. We’ve got to be real with ourselves,” said the player. “When we get in the meeting room, we’ve got to actually pay attention to things and not blow smoke up our tails that everything’s going to be all right. Things aren’t going right. Pay attention to things that we’re not doing right and correct them.”

On Sunday, Seattle (3-2) lost what was proved to be their second game in the team’s last 19 meetings at home, and only scored one offensive TD. That took place after a missed punt by Dallas gave Seattle possession at the 14-yard line of the Cowboys. QB Russell Wilson scored on a run of 9 yards.

In the game, the Seahawks possessed the ball for 22:21, in contrast to the Cowboys’ 37:39.

And Baldwin was asked if that proved to be a factor for the Seahawks’ loss.

“No, f— that,” said the player. “We had plenty of time to make plays. We’ve got too much talent not to be moving the f—— ball.”

Seattle’s fans could clearly see that the player was not exactly happy about the loss.

Pay per head agents saw that for 32 yards, the player was able to make two receptions, but was only a target on three occasions.

“I’m not mad at Russ,” said Baldwin. “It’s a collaborative thing.”

The Seahawks’ fans hope that the team’s most recent loss to the Cowboys proves to be a minor hiccup, and would like to see the team bounce back and return to winning ways as soon as possible.

So far, this season is proving to be very surprising, and NFL fans are very eager to see how it continues to do develop. The game at CenturyLink Field was just one example of this season’s unpredictability.