Finley will most likely not play in 2014 due to his $10M insurance policy

Jermichael Finley-PackersSources reported that the progress made by Jermichael Finley, former TE for the Green Bay Packers who is very well known with price per head agents for his great talent on the pitch, was constantly being monitored by teams in the NFL, and the Baltimore Ravens was the most recent team to join the list, after they lost for the season the services starting of TE Dennis Pitt, but according to NFL sources, it’s “99 percent certain” that Finley will not return to action this year.

Last season, Finley suffered a neck injury that put his career in the NFL in jeopardy, and the player has approximately a month to finish doing all of the necessary form-filling for a disability insurance policy that is worth $10M, and, with the player still not able to pass a complete physical, he will do so sometime in the weeks to come. Once that policy’s last piece of paperwork has been filed, which should happen soon, it will probably take a few months before the player gets any payments. However, by then it will be highly unlikely for him to play this season in the NFL.

Even though phone calls were made by NFL teams, and interest in Finley still exists, and he did not shut down the option of returning to action again sometime in the future, sources reported that the player’s recovery works in a way in which it would be very logical to proceed with the player’s insurance policy. It still isn’t known if, for example, Finley will play again next year for the NFL. However, even though the ways in which the lawyers interpret the policy’s precise language will probably differ, it is highly unlikely that the player will return to action this season.

And considering the amount of time the he wasn’t able to play, as well as his medical condition, he would only get a salary of a few million dollars even if right now he is indeed able to pass a physical. So price per head agents are pretty sure that Finley will start his insurance policy process due to the realities regarding salary, together with his medical condition.