Hardship waiver for Ty Isaac denied by NCAA

Ty IssacTy Isaac apparently won’t be playing for Michigan in 2014. Price per head agents saw that many fans were very upset when they learned that on Wednesday, Wolverines coach Brady Hoke said that a medical hardship waiver for the player was refused by the NCAA.

“The waiver got denied initially, and we’ve appealed it,” Hoke said. “(We appealed) probably last week, mid week.”

The player who many fans believe is a very important asset for the Wolverines moved from USC to Michigan in the summer in order to be closer to his mother, who is currently recovering from surgery for hearing loss. The reasoning used by the NCAA behind their decision was not confirmed by Hoke, but many price per head agents believe that it could have something to do with the fact that the player’s mother lives in Shorewood, Illinois, which is not very close at all from the school, as her home happens to be located at a driving distance of 260 miles from Ann Arbor.

Waiver appeals like the one made by Isaac are usually limited by the NCAA to schools that are located within 100 miles of a player’s home, so even if the Wolverines are appealing on the decision, many fans don’t believe that Isaac or the team have a big chance of winning the appeal.

In 2013, the player was a four-star member of the recruiting class of USC, and he caught the attention of many in the football world when he ended his year as a freshman with two touchdowns and 40 carries for 236 yards. If Isaac has no other choice but to miss out on the 2014 season, he will still have three eligible years left with Michigan, which will start in 2015.

Isaac is known in the world of college football as a player with plenty of talent, and somebody who can be vital in helping the Wolverines make it very far, and for this reason many fans hope to see the player win the appeal somehow, but are confident that even if he loses it, he will not leave the football scene any time soon.