Jadeveon Clowney practices for the first time since surgery

Jadeveon Clowney knee injuryOn Friday, the Texans’ Jadeveon Clowney, outside LB who price per head agents know is a key part of the team, was able to practice again for the very first time since his knee operation for a torn meniscus on September 8.

During the part of practice that was open to the media, Clowney wore a brace on his knee. Six weeks passed since the last time that the player held practice.

On Monday, Houston is set to take on Pittsburgh.

The LB said that he wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t able to hit the field for Monday’s game.

“No,” he said when he was asked about this. “It’s like I said, I’m taking it one day at time right now. I’ve been rehabbing, just trying to get back.”

All week, coach Bill O’Brien said that Clowney has a 50-50 chance to play, and price per head agents saw that on Friday, the coach again said that whether Clowney can feature or not will be decided at the game.

“He didn’t take a ton of reps today, but the ones that he did he seemed to be moving around well,” said the coach.

The player’s arthroscopic knee surgery took place a day after he suffered the injury during the first half of the team’s season opening game.

Clowney ‘s injury – which did not involve contact – happened in a play where he jumped up and landed in an awkward manner. First it was thought that Clowney would have no choice but to be out of the game from four weeks to six in order to recover. However, Clowney said last week that he was cutting and running at top speed.

Coaches and trainers were listening to the player’s own evaluations on his body.

“If I can’t change directions, I’ll just say ‘Oh coach, I can’t change directions like I want to,'” said Clowney. “And he’ll be like ‘Don’t do that right now, just back down a little bit.’ Certain things, certain drills.”

The coach said that Houston’s decision depends on the player’s health for the long term.

“At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing,” said the coach. “What’s the best thing for the player. So there’s a lot of communication between JD and myself and Geoff Kaplan. He’ll tell us what he can do. He really will. I think he’s worked hard to get back to this point.”