Jay Gruden wants RG3 to improve his game

Jay Gruden, Redskins coachJay Gruden, Redskins coach, had some very serious things to say about Robert Griffin III. Bookmaker software services found out that when he spoke earlier in the week with NFL.com, he said that the player should improve his game.

“We want Robert to excel, we really do,” said Jay Gruden about the QB, who’s in his third year. “But the last two games, it hasn’t been very good, anywhere.”

“We’ll see. … We want Robert to excel, we really do. But the last two games, it hasn’t been very good, anywhere. We gotta play better around him. And the biggest thing for us as playcallers, and for him, we just have to come together and jell with plays he’s comfortable with. That takes time. But we don’t have a lot of time.”

Gruden said that RG3’s problems are in part due to publicity against the player, and his star treatment.

“His biggest thing, he’s been coddled for so long,” said Gruden. “It’s not a negative; he’s just been so good, he just hasn’t had a lot of negative publicity. Everybody’s loved him. Some adversity is striking hard at him now, and how he reacts to that off the field, his mental state of mind, how it affects his confidence, hopefully it’s not in a negative way.”

The Redskins had a troublesome week, as last Sunday they ended up losing to Tampa Bay 3-7.

The player then spoke about how bad he was performing, but also said some things that some of his fellow players did not appreciate at all. The day after, the coach reprimanded the QB because he was too worried about other players and wasn’t concentrating enough on the basics.

Later during the week, both of them downplayed the squabble, but it’s no secret that RG3 was struggling.

Throughout four meetings, the player was able to throw for 763 yards, with a 34.2 QBR, 2 total TD’s, and 3 picks. Now bookmaker software services can see that Washington are 0-2 since the player returned to action after his left ankle was dislocated.

As a rookie, RG3 was a star for the Redskins, doing a great job when it came to passing and running before the knee injury that put his season to an end. Washington were very hesitant to use him since then, but the coach said that there could be changes in that area.

“It’s a production-based business,” he said. “We haven’t won many games lately with him. We gotta figure out a way to get in the end zone. We just have to score. I don’t care how we do it. If it’s running the zone-read, I don’t care. Quarterback sneaks, I don’t give a damn. We gotta find a way to utilize him where we can get productive drives and stay away from negative plays and have some consistency.”

And Colt McCoy is being used as a backup. The player was able to win two games as RG3 was put on the sidelines with his ankle injury.

“We have a guy behind [Robert] that played pretty well, and people are looking, ‘OK, he’s 2-0,'” said Gruden. “There’s always pressure on the quarterback to perform. And if you don’t perform, like any other position, somebody’s behind you pushing you.”