Matthew Slater signs new deal with the Patriots

Matthew Slater signs new deal with the PatriotsNFL sources reported that the Patriots have signed Matthew Slater to a $4 million two-year deal running through 2016, and internet bookmakers believe that the team made a very good move, considering what a vital of the team he is.

The WR, safety, gunner, special teams player and captain has a guaranteed $3 million, which include $2 million straight up as a signing bonus, as well as his $1 million base salary for 2015.The player’s contract also has a $1 million base salary for 2016, and each season the player has $100,000 incentives of, which he would get if in either season he reaches the Pro Bowl.

The contact would make it to a $4.2 million top value if he able to get both of the incentives.

The 29-year-old, who the Patriots originally selected in the 2088 draft’s fifth round out of UCLA, made it to the Pro Bowl three times, and he’s seen as being one of the NFL’s best coverage players. He was able to play for New England in 98 games for the regular season, with a total of 99 tackles, while he was also serving as a situational WR.

The Patriots organization and the team’s fans also see the player as being a real leader.

On Wednesday, Slater’s extension was not confirmed by coach Bill Belichick, but in his weekly conference with the media he did praise him as a being very good player, something that the team’s fans can fully agree with.

“Matt does a lot of things for us,” said the coach. “Obviously he’s a very good player on the field, professional, works hard. [He] does a great job with all the players — younger players — but also his peers. He’s very well-respected in the locker room, not just by the players but by the entire organization by the way he goes about his job, how dependable he is, his work ethic, his attitude, his toughness. He’s really such a model player. I’d love to have 53 guys like him.”

“We made a decent investment in him because we thought he’d be pretty good. But he’s everything and more you could have hoped for, I will say that. His personality, his intelligence, his toughness, his character both on and off the field, his leadership is all exemplary. You couldn’t find anything better.”

The Patriots’ fans and internet bookmakers are well aware of what a talented player Slater is, and were very happy to see the team cut the deal with the player, as they’re sure that he’ll be a key piece in leading the team to many wins in future matchups.