Price per Head: Aldon Smith wants to ‘fix’ his situation

Aldon SmithJed York, San Francisco 49ers CEO, said that linebacker Aldon Smith will not be able to play on Thursday night due to personal reasons, and will be out for an indefinite time. Now price per head services wonder what’s going on.

Price per head services were pleased to know that after San Francisco’s 27-7 loss to Indianapolis, Smith promised to “fix” his problem and apologised for his actions.

“I apologize to the team and the organization,” said Smith, who in the loss had five tackles.

“This is something that I will get fixed. I will do everything in my power to make sure this never happens again.”

York said that the team will back Smith.

“I am willing to support Aldon as long as he is willing to work at this and fight to get better,” York said.

Smith, who on Wednesday turns 24, was briefly put in jail on Friday morning after he was involved in a single-vehicle crash at approximately 7 a.m. in San Jose, California. Price per head services were concerned when they found out that the player was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

“I believe Aldon wants to tackle this problem, and we’re going to do everything we can do to help him with this,” York said.

League officials confirmed that under the league’s substance-abuse policy and the collective bargaining agreement, Smith could not be suspended by the team, and the player’s fans and price per head services see this as very good news. Even though commissioner Roger Goodell stressed that DUI violations are big concerns, he also can’t suspend the player under the personal conduct policy because this most recent case still must receive a ruling.

Therefore, the player’s well-being is taking priority before any disciplinary actions are enforced.

Pay per head services remember that last season, Smith won the team’s MVP award as he set San Francisco’s franchise record with 19 and a half sacks. Smith, who in 2011 was a first-round draft pick out of Missouri, was also able to set that same year the team’s rookie sack record with 14.

However, Smith has had run-ins with the law.

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Price per head services also know that in January 2012, Smith was arrested in Miami Beach on suspicion of DUI, and was named in a lawsuit by a Northern California man who said that that he was shot in a party that took place at the player’s house.