Price per Head Bookmaking: Utah State vs. UTEP Game Analysis

Utah State vs. UTEP-New Mexico BowlEven though this year Utah State (9-4) and UTEP (7-5) were not able to win their conferences, the Aggies and Miners are set to square off in a matchup that could jeopardize their rights to brag, and price per head bookmaking services would really like to see what will happen on the field when these teams go head-to-head in the New Mexico Bowl.

This year, The Aggies’ season in Mountain West action proved to be a very successful one. It ended having a conference record of 6-2, and almost made it to the championship matchup. Utah State’s schedule was not really the most difficult one seen this season, but the team did take on sides such as the BYU Cougars and Tennessee Volunteers, and the Aggies lost the game against the Volunteers, but were able win against the Cougars.

The Miners were also almost able to go to the conference championship matchup, and many fans were not very happy at all when they saw that the team fell short and couldn’t make it. Their season’s toughest challenge was when they took on Kansas State, in a game that the football world is not ready to forget any time soon. It was very unfortunate for UTEP, as they ended up losing that meeting at 58-28, and a team can get much tougher after a game like that one.

A very good achievement for either one of these teams is to end their year winning a bowl, but this meeting is very tough to decide on, as it’s very hard to tell who the better side is. However, price per head bookmaking services believe that Utah State could have an edge, so it might be a good idea to go for the Aggies for this upcoming matchup, but most fans who have been following both teams believe that it’s only up to luck to decide on who will win the game. However, one thing that Utah State have in their favor is that this year they faced quite a few very tough teams, and just 20.8 PPG were allowed.

Many fans believe that this coming matchup could prove to be a very exciting one, and are confident that they’ll see plenty of entertainment when the Aggies take on the Miners in New Mexico. Nobody really knows what could happen on the field when these teams face each other, but whatever happens, the fans will be in for quite a show.