Price per Head: Groves said that he’ll be the fans’ favourite

George GrovesGeorge Groves believes that Carl Froch will not have a very welcoming reception, and price per head services would like to see if this proves to be true when the pair meet on May 31 at Wembley Stadium.

Groves said that he was the one winning the popularity contest after the controversial first fight in November that saw the London fighter stopped in the ninth round – a fight that pay per head services remember very well.

And price per head services found out that he expects Froch to be out of his comfort zone at the national stadium in North London in front of 80,000 fans.

“I think in this fight it is going to be a massive, massive advantage for me,” he said. “Carl Froch never really does too well away from home and he is very settled and comfortable in Nottingham.

“He is not doing many appearances lately, we haven’t heard much from him, he’s sort of trying to hide away. It’s very spiteful I think of his promoter Eddie Hearn to send him to London for this fight. He is already in a fight he knows he can’t win but he is also going to have to face a London crowd.

“Obviously there will be people travelling up and down the country to get here but there are plenty of Londoners that are excited to get down here and be part of this fight, to see the build-up.

“For the first time I think in Carl Froch’s career, on home soil he is going to be facing hostile fans, people who have paid money to come and see him lose.

“I have faced that and I’ve dealt with it. Carl Froch I feel needs it, he certainly needs reassurance from people and to seek approval from people. I see that behind the cameras and in front on the cameras.

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“Come fight night he is going to struggle with that. He will have a core fan-base who will be supporting him but there will be a lot of people who will be there to see him get beat and we will see how he deals with that.”

Pay per head services can’t wait to see what will happen in the ring when Froch takes on Groves, and anticipate a very intense showdown between these fighters.