Price per Head: Martino said that Barca is ‘obliged to win’

Gerardo MartinoPrice per head services found out that Gerardo Martino, Barcelona coach, claimed that in their Copa del Rey first leg against Cartagena, his side were ‘obliged to win’.

Even though price per head services saw that on Friday Cartagena took an early lead, Martino’s side was able to knock off the third-tier club 4-1, putting an end to their two-game losing streak in all matches.

In the UEFA Champions League, Barca lost to Ajax Amsterdam, and Athletic Bilbao in La Liga in their last two games, but price per head services were very happy to see that they were able to bounce back against Cartagena, setting themselves up for a spot in the Copa del Rey’s final eight.

Martino and price per head services were very impressed with how his side responded after such a difficult week.

“We were obliged to win, bearing in mind our recent outings, and we did,” Martino told AS after the match.

Pay per head services learned that the 51-year-old Argentine praised Cartagena for the way that they started the first leg, but said that the hosts’ great start, which saw them take the lead in the 16th minute through Fernando, left them without enough energy to finish off the game.

“They played a very intense game, they did a lot of running and their attitude was good during the opening 10 or 15 minutes,” Martino said.

“Later, when we had control of the ball, they had no energy left.”

Martino and price per head services were also very happy with the performance made by Jordi Alba, as the 24-year-old full-back played his first match since September.

“We had planned for him to play less but in the end, he lasted about 80 minutes without any problems,” he said.

“We need to make sure he feels confident when he strikes the ball.

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“We’re all very happy with him. The situation couldn’t be better for the second half of the campaign.”