Price per Head: Rodgers not happy with Ferguson’s Gerrard claims

Brendan RodgersBrendan Rodgers said that Sir Alex Ferguson is probably the only person in football who doesn’t believe that Steven Gerrard is a “top, top player”, and price per head services can see the controversy.

Price per head services saw that Rodgers hit back at the former Manchester United manager after Ferguson mentioned that in his new autobiography.

Ferguson’s assessment sparked heated debate with many pundits and price per head services, as it included the view that Gerrard did not reach the level of midfielders such as Roy Keane and Paul Scholes.

However, the Liverpool manager insists the Scot’s opinion is wrong. “Sir Alex might be the only one or one of the very, very few who doesn’t think Gerrard is a top, top player,” said Rodgers.

“I don’t think it was credible, what was said. You only need to look at Steven’s career to see that; the accolades he has received throughout his life, not just from managers but from other top, top players.

“I saw a survey of the player of the year during all the years it has been operating and the player who won that survey as the best was Steven.

“That was from players and supporters and there were some prestigious names on there. He may not have won the title but that is more because of the teams he has been in. He is world class and still operates at a high level.”

There were suggestions that the 71-year-old’s assessment was a deliberate provocation as it was bound to upset Liverpool, United’s long-time rivals, and win admiration from some of the Old Trafford fans.

And pay per head services found out that the Liverpool manager was also upset about the claim – also in Ferguson’s autobiography – that later in his career Jordan Henderson would struggle due to his running style.

“I was bitterly disappointed,” said Rodgers. “Sir Alex is somebody who obviously works with young players and nurtured young players so the statement made about Jordan was inappropriate.

“He is fighting for his career in the game. He comes in here every day and gives everything. In the time he has been here he has improved and improved and improved.

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“There was reference to his running style, but every player is different and over their career physical and technical qualities will improve. I’m sure if they bump into each other, Sir Alex will apologise for that.”