Price per Head: Rodgers praises Allen’s performance

Brendan RodgersPrice per head services learned that Brendan Rodgers is very happy with the performance made by a “courageous” Joe Allen in the heart of the Reds’ midfield.

Two years ago, Allen followed Rodgers from Swansea City to Merseyside, and after making 21 starts in the Premier League in his debut season at Anfield, pay per head services saw that the player featured less prominently in 2013-14, making the starting XI in the league only nine times.

The latest of those was made in Sunday’s 3-0 defeat of rivals Manchester United, and the coach believes that Allen’s performance at Old Trafford showed everybody what he is able to do on the pitch, and price per head services saw a fantastic display by the player.

“Joe was outstanding at Old Trafford,” he said. “I believe that he is one of the top Premier League talents.

“He’s such a courageous player. He came in here and started his first season remarkably well; in the first three months, I think he was the supporters’ player of the month.

And pay per head services also know what an impressive player he is.

“He then had a difficult period, came back and did very well in training and then got injured. His first season was a bit up and down, just purely because of injury.

“At Old Trafford, he covered more ground than anyone. The way he presses the ball and looks after the ball; in this country, sometimes it can be frowned upon.

“People look for midfield players that are either scoring goals and wanting goals or smashing into challenges.

“Joe is a really intelligent footballer; he understands the ball, he protects the ball really well for the team, and his work-rate and intensity is incredible.

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“He’s going to prove to be an outstanding player here. At the moment, he’s nearly at the top of his game and performing very well. I’m hopeful that will continue.”

Price per head services are well aware of what a great player Allen is, and his progress on the pitch will be very closely monitored.