Price per Head: Smith would take on Fielding if he can make the weight

Paul SmithPaul Smith, British champion, said that he would take on Rocky Fielding at any moment if his fellow Liverpudlian can make the weight, and price per head services would certainly not mind seeing these fighters face each other.

Pay per head services saw that on Saturday, Fielding wasn’t able to defend his Commonwealth super-middleweight title night after the fighter tipped the scales 6lb over the 12st limit.

He then clinched a laboured points win over veteran Ghanaian Charles Adamu, in a match that was seen by price per head services everywhere, and he promised to return to the drawing board in an effort to keep his weight in check.

However, pay per head services learned that Smith, who needs to make another successful title defence so he can win the Lonsdale Belt, believes that Fielding still has to prove himself in the domestic scene.

“I don’t want to be too disprespectful to him, it wasn’t his best performance and Adamu wouldn’t have lasted two rounds with either myself or my brother Callum,” he told Sky Sports.

“The bottom line is he weighed 12st 6lb and that’s totally unprofessional. That’s a problem for any future fight.

“It’s all very well Eddie Hearn saying it’s a huge fight for Liverpool, but if he did that he would get a huge fine and I don’t he will be mandatory challenger after that.

“I want Arthur Abraham. I want to win the Lonsdale Belt outright but the board is not letting anyone fight me for it and unfortunately I might have to leave it behind.

“I’m not missing out on a fight with Arthur Abraham, I’d get five times the money and a shot at the world title.

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“If the opportunity presents itself I’ll fight Rocky every day of the week and twice on a Sunday, but if he stays at super-middleweight he’s got to fight me or my brother Callum.”

Boxing fans and price per head services all over the world wonder if these boxers will eventually face each other, and will closely monitor their progress.