Price per Head: Spalletti not happy with Porto draw

Luciano SpallettiPrice per head services could see that Luciano Spalletti, Zenit St. Petersburg coach, was not very pleased at all with his side’s slow start in their 1-1 draw on Wednesday with Porto.

The coach and price per head services saw that his side fell behind at the Petrovsky Stadium to a 23rd-minute header by Lucho Gonzalez, with a goal by Hulk five minutes later, levelling the match.

Pay per head services know that the hosts could have won the game if it not for a saved Hulk penalty seven minutes following the break, but Spalletti believes that if they his side are to qualify for the knockout stage, they have to start games in a more positive manner.

Zenit are sitting on second place in Group G, one point above Porto with two games left, and price per head services all over the world can’t wait to see how they’ll continue.

“It is difficult to explain why we start badly in the UEFA Champions League,” said Spalletti.

“It’s not the first time we are in such a situation. In the first half Porto were the better team; maybe they were stronger than us physically.

“By the end of the half we managed to find our game, and after the break we took the initiative. I can’t even describe how well my lads played in the second half.

“We must remain calm and try to achieve a result in the next two matches in the Champions League.”

And price per head services found out that Spalletti did not want to blame anybody for the failed spot-kick.

“It is always better to leave the choice of penalty taker at the mercy of the players, as we always do,” he added.

“The only situation where a coach can intervene is when players can not solve their own choice.

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“In the second half, everyone could see that we can play at such a high level. And this level, we can show in the game against Atletico.”