Price per Head Sportsbooks: McEnroe wants doubles taken away from grand slams

John McEnroePrice per head sportsbooks were very surprised to learn that John McEnroe, tennis legend, wants to see doubles taken away from grand slam tournaments, and wonder what the fans have to say about this.

The American, 54-years-old, was hugely successful in the doubles format throughout his career, and price per head sportsbooks know how much he accomplished in the sport, as he won nine major titles to eclipse his seven singles crowns.

But the former world No 1, who was a huge favourite with price per head sportsbooks and was able to win 71 career ATP doubles titles – 57 of them alongside Peter Fleming – believes that as the elite players no longer take part in doubles, they should not have a place at the big events.

“Why we are even playing doubles at this point is a mystery to me,” McEnroe told the Daily Telegraph. “I love doubles but I don’t even recognise what this is.

“If there was a volleying contest from the service line, most of these guys couldn’t. They play an inch from the net. It is like wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

Pay per head sportsbooks are thinking about what the former player has to say – many believe that he could very well have a point, yet many others do not want to see doubles disappear, but would definitely like to see improvements.

“If you cut out doubles and gave that money to singles players ranked between 200 and 1,000, maybe that would do something for the game.

“Then some other guy who never really had the chance to play ends up becoming number 100 in the world instead of quitting when he’s number 400.

“Most doubles players, I hate to say, are the slow guys who were not quick enough to play singles.”

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Price per head sportsbooks know how controversial the former player’s words are proving to be in the tennis world, and would like to see what will eventually happen in the sport.