Price per Head: Sturridge said that he has ‘great chemistry’ with Suarez

Daniel SturridgeDaniel Sturridge said that he has ‘great chemistry’ with Luis Suarez, and price per head services are delighted to see how well these players are working together on the pitch.

Price per head services saw that in their last two Premier League games against Sunderland and Crystal Palace, the pair contributed to five of the Reds’ last six goals.

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers and pay per head services believe that Suarez and Sturridge can turn out to be one of the Premier League’s best strike partnerships, and the England international said that he enjoys playing with the Uruguayan.

“He’s a nice guy and we have great chemistry on the field, and we get on well off it so it’s good,” Sturridge told Life and Times.

“It’s easier when you’ve got somebody like Luis, who can help you share the goals out, and we’ve also got the likes of Steven Gerrard and Victor Moses who can pitch in.

“So there are goals throughout the team. Hopefully we can continue with the form we’ve got at the moment.”

Price per head services saw that the Reds made a very good start to the season, as they currently sit second on the table, and Sturridge believes that Rodgers was able to install a winning mentality in the team.

“It’s not intense but there’s a strong desire for success and everybody wants to help Liverpool get back to the winning ways that they had in the past and that’s up to us,” added Sturridge.

“Everybody wants to have success. It’s not about getting by and being content with second or third.

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“It’s about having a winning mentality and that’s something the manager’s instilled in us now, where everybody’s got that feeling to want to win every game.

Liverpool’s fans and price per head services would like to see the chemistry between the players continue, and hope that they help their side to many victories in future matches.