Quincy Acy was given a one game suspension

Quincy Acy of Knicks Is Suspended Over Scuffle With WizardsQuincy Acy, forward for the Knicks who’s very famous with fans and price per head agents all over the world, was given a one game suspension and on Friday the NBA gave John Wall, guard for the Wizards, a $15,000 fine for the roles that they played in a skirmish that took place on Christmas Day.

On Friday, the league said that it made the decision to suspend Acy because the confrontation started his act. The NBA said that Wall was fined because the incident became worse due to his actions.

Wall was shoved by Acy when the guard for the Wizards had possession of the ball with 5:31 left in the team’s win of 102-91. Wall responded with a shove, and from that point things got uglier. It was not clear at all if Acy was the one who ended up throwing the punch during the scuffle, but teammates had to be set them apart.

On Thursday, Acy said that he didn’t throw a punch in Wall’s direction, and so did Derek Fisher, coach for the Knicks coach.

“I didn’t throw a punch. I got up and reacted, then I just grabbed him,” said Acy.

The player was given a flagrant foul 2, and then he was sent off. A technical foul was given to Wall.

Then he said on Thursday that he wasn’t expecting a suspension.

“I hope not. What was done wrong?” he said.

Acy said that he tried to give Wall a foul for the play to stop because Pablo Prigioni, guard for the Knicks, was down on the floor and on defense his side had one less player

“It was just a foul. If somebody has a fast break and you step up and grab them, it’s the same concept,” said Acy.

Fisher then said that he didn’t want to see Acy receive a suspension after he shoved Wall because no punch was sent. On Thursday, the coach also mentioned there not being a reason to feel angry by what Acy did, since there was no malice behind it.

“I think if there is intent to create that type of situation, then that’s not necessarily who we want to become, but I don’t think that was Quincy’s intent,” said the coach.

NBA fans saw plenty of problems on the court when this meeting took place, and price per head agents hope that things seriously settle down, as there’s no way that these scuffles can help the team.