Rahim Moore signs a $12 million, three year deal with the Texans

Rahim Moore three year deal with the Texans for $12 millionSources reported that the Texans agreed on a deal with safety Rahim Moore which is worth $12m and running for three years. Price per head sportsbooks believe that the team made a very good move, as they know what a key piece the player can be to Houston.

The 25-year-old started in each one of the four years that he played for the Broncos, but the player will always be seen by many as being the DB who was closest to WR Jacoby Jones on a play that tied their big loss to Baltimore, in a game that ended the Broncos’ season of 2012, and one that NFL fans are not ready to forget any time soon.

Even though Broncos CB Tony Carter was not able to cram Jones at the scrimmage line, and then couldn’t follow the WR up the sideline, many fans saw that Moore ended up being the one who took most of the blame.

But then the Broncos’ fans had their hopes rekindled, ad in 2013 the very famous safety was able to make a proper comeback in the game, as he started in 10 meetings prior to an injury to the leg that put his season to an end, and this was no joke at all. The player’s lower leg suffered a circulatory problem that shocked the football world, as if he didn’t make it to the hospital on time, he could have lost his leg after an amputation. Last season he was able to start in 16 meetings.

Moore was picked in the second round of the draft of 2011, which was the first draft that Elway had after he turned into the main decision maker for the Broncos. Price per head sportsbooks saw that in 2014, the player had four interceptions and was tied for the team’s lead.

For the Broncos, the safety was on the field largely as a free safety, and he was one out of two players – along with safety T.J. Ward – to have featured in 1,000 snaps – at least – last season for Denver’s defense,and the team’s fans were very happy to see that Moore was the one who led Denver, having made 1,054 snaps.

Many NFL fans can agree that so far it’s been a bit of strange and interesting ride for Moore, but they’re also glad that things worked out for him, and are confident that next season will be even better when starts to play for the Texans.