Rams players won’t be disciplined for “hands up, don’t shoot” sign

Jeff Fisher Rams CoachJeff Fisher, head coach for the Rams, refused to answer questions made by reporters on Monday about the “hands up, don’t shoot” sign that five of the team’s players made in their game against the Raiders on Sunday, but online bookmakers learned that those involved would not be disciplined, and they don’t really see a reason why they should be punished for making a simple gesture.

“It’s my personal opinion, and I firmly believe, that it’s important that I keep sports and politics separate,” said Fisher, as reported by sources. “I’m a head coach. I’m not a politician, an activist, or an expert on societal issues. So I’m gonna answer questions about the game.”

And many fans agree: free speech is just that – free speech, and should be respected.

The decision to not speak further on the subject took place after the St. Louis Police Officers Union made the decision to condemn what the players did on Sunday evening, saying that they were disappointed by their actions.

On Monday, St. Louis police officers spoke with officials from the team, and many fans were wondering about what happened in this meeting.

“We feel strongly that they better understand our perspective and the perspective of the law-abiding citizens that support law enforcement,” said Jeff Roorda, business manager of the St. Louis Police Officer Association. “We’re going to continue these conversations later this week and … we’re going to hold off on any further public comments in the hopes that fruitful talks continue.”

Cook said that the idea of the players making the gesture happened before the game got underway.

“Kenny Britt told me he was doing it, and some of the other guys were doing it,” said Cook. “So we all just hopped on the bandwagon and came up with the idea of how we were going to do it.”

The team also said that that the players would not be disciplined by the NFL, something that comes as a very big relief to many fans.

The news about Ferguson hit many people all over the country very hard, and is obviously creating plenty of controversy. Online bookmakers and fans everywhere – especially those following the Rams -completely agree with the coach, and believe that there is no reason why they should disciplined in any way. After all, the players just put their hands up.