RB DeMarco Murray’s 100-yard rushing streak comes to an end

RB DeMarco Murray-CowboysOn Sunday, the 100-yard rushing streak by Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray that impressed many local bookies came to an end at nine meetings, when on 19 carries, the player finished with 79 rushing yards when the Redskins were defeated by the Cardinals 28-17.

Murray, who’s the top rusher in the NFL, turned into the first player in the league to rush for 100 yards in eight games in a row in the team’s defeat to the Redskins last week in overtime.

Last week, the player was also able to reach the 1,000-yard mark, turning into the quickest player in the history of the franchise to make the record and the fifth fastest one in the history of the NFL

The player didn’t seem to think too much about this.

“Nothing,” said the player. “I just worry about winning and we didn’t get that done today.

Regarding the 100 yards, the player said, “we never take it for granted, it’s a hard league, running, passing, anything, it’s hard to win in this league. It’s hard to get those wins we got six of them and we’re going to continue to get as many of them.”

Dallas went to the player during the fourth quarter, in what was one of the game’s most important moments. The Cowboys, who were 14-10 behind, was stuffed at the Arizona 34 with a fourth-and-1, but the RB ended up being stopped for no gain up in the middle with 9:36 remaining.

The Cardinals would then be the ones to score on the next possession, pushing to 21-10 the team’s lead, and many fans and local bookies saw a great performance..

“They did a good job of shooting down low and they got a good push on us and I wasn’t able to get a first down,” Murray said. “Give credit to those guys.”

At 545, the Cardinals had second place in the league with the least rushing yards allowed. Since the beginning of the game, Arizona had 7 and 8 defending players on the scrimmage line.

“I thought we did good against nine guys in the box,” the player said about the Cardinal’s defense. “it was a hard day and you have to give those guys credit, a really, really good front seven and the linebacker corps and the safeties were in there, you just got to do better.”