Sportsbook Software: The Mavericks’ Ellis and Chandler pull out with injuries

Dallas Mavericks-NBAThe Mavericks didn’t have a lot of information on the injuries that made Monta Ellis and Tyson Chandler pull out during the first quarter of the team’s 115-98 loss to the Clippers on Monday, and sportsbook software services want to know what’s going on.

Both players will probably not be able to feature against the Jazz on Wednesday night, and now many fans are thinking how the team’s performance can be affected by the absence of these players.

NBA fans were very worried when they saw that Chandler landed in a strange manner, and he suffered a sprained left ankle after Spencer Hawes fouled him by 39 seconds after the game started.

Approximately one minute later, the player left the meeting.

Ellis left the court limping when there was 8:03 left in the game’s first quarter because of an injury to his left hip, and Rick Carlisle thought that what the player suffered was “some kind of strain.”

Carlisle said that he wasn’t able to give additional details on the injuries suffered by Ellis and Chandler.

“Hopefully it’s not going to be bad,” said Dirk Nowitzki. “It’s nothing we can really control now. We don’t really expect either to play on Wednesday and we’ve got to be better. We’ve got to be better with what we’ve got.”

Chandler is the one leading the Mavericks, and the player recorded 10.8 rebounds-per-game, with a ranking of sixth place in the NBA. Without the player, the Mavericks were dominated by DeAndre Jordan- the NBA leader in rebounds -who was able to score 22 points and clinch a season-high 27 -the highest in his career and the NBA – rebounds to help the Clippers win the meeting.

Ellis, who’s the team’s top scorer having 20 points per each game played, featured in 218 games in a row.

Three of Dallas’ starters won’t be playing. Rajon Rondo won’t be able to feature throughout the league’s All-Star break due to fractures of his left orbital and nasal bones – injuries that he sustained on the 31st of January, when Richard Jefferson, his teammate, accidently hit him in the face with his knee, and many fans still cringe when they think about what happened on the court that day.

“You’ve got to keep pushing,” said Carlisle. “You’ve got to push through somehow.”

Mavericks fans everywhere and sportsbook software services completely agree with Carlisle, and hope that these players make very speedy recoveries, as they know just how important they are to the team.