Stanford should be able to take out Maryland

Foster Farms Bowl Stanford vs. MarylandMaryland is getting ready to face Stanford, and price per head call centers are anticipating a very intense matchup – one that will be watched by fans all over the country.

In the Big Ten, the Terrapins were a big surprise in their opening season, as they were able to finish the season with a record of 4-4, which in the East division works very well for the third place. A highlight of their season was a 20-19 win over the Penn State Nitanny Lions, in the famous meeting where the Terrapins’ captains didn’t want to shake hands with their opponents’ captains when the coin toss took place.

In the meantime, the Cardinal featured in three consecutive BCS bowl matchups, and were able to win at least 11 games in the three seasons that David Shaw was leading Stanford – after he took over from Jim Harbaugh – but this year the team receded.

Stanford had a very solid defense, but for most of the year their offense proved to be nothing short of horrible. The Cardinal could save their season and eligibility for the postseason having made their top two performances so far. The Cardinal first beat California 38-17, keeping “The Axe” for the fifth season in a row. The week after that, Stanford put an end to UCLA‘s efforts to clinch the title of the Pac-12 South at the Rose Bowl, where they defeated the Bruins by 31-10.

For this meeting, Maryland will have the very difficult job of being able to score points when they face Stanford’s hyped defense. The Cardinal have second place in the nation when it comes to allowed points, and they give up a 16.0 points-per-game average, as the Terrapins have a 29.1 points-per-game average. If QB Kevin Hogan and his team’s offense do just like they did in the last two meetings that they played, Maryland will be in trouble.

Hogan, who for the majority of the season did not do a very good job at all, helped lead Stanford’s offense, as he went 31-for-39 over their last two games played for 448 yards and two TD’s, and while on the ground he added another one.

With the Terrapins travelling cross country and the Cardinal playing at home, this is set to be a very difficult meeting for Maryland. The Cardinal’s defense should give QB C.J. plenty of problems, and Maryland won’t be able to do much with their ground game when they take on Stanford, as per game they only allow 111.8 yards.

All in all, Stanford will try to keep their defense at a very high level, and price per head call centers believe that their offense should be able to make the necessary points for them to clinch a win.