The AFC’s sixth seed could go to the Jets

New York JetsThe New York Jets’ Live betting fans know that it could be either Michael Vick or Geno Smith starting at quarterback, but price per head agents still don’t know what’s going to happen in that area, and would really like to find out. However, many of them are starting to lean towards Vick, considering his improvements in the game.

Live betting fans found out that in order to help make things a little bit easier, the Jets brought two very important players in Eric Deckerin and Chris Johnson. Texas Tech tight end Jace Amaro was also picked up by the team in the second round.

Price per head agents are sure that in 2014, most of their success will come from a very solid defense – led by the likes of Sheldon Richardson, Calvin Pace, and Muhammad Wilkerson. Many Live betting fans are well aware that these are players that could add a lot of strength to the team, and who could prove to be vital in their efforts to make it far this season. The Jets have been given a very hectic schedule that will try to keep the team from making it to the playoffs, but price per head agents believe that with the right effort, they could clinch the AFC’s sixth seed, and the team’s Live betting fans are very confident that if they focus a lot on their game they could make it even further this season.

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Pay per head services know how much promise there is for the Jets, and the team’s Live betting fans are very optimistic to see them make very far this year. If they put some serious work to their game, they could very well surprise the world of football. Price per head agents can’t wait to se how the Jets will perform once the season begins, and although it’s still not known what will happen, many are confident that they’ll put on a quite a show in 2014.