The Giants could miss the playoffs again

New York GiantsLocal bookies know that the New York Giants’ receivers are better than many people think, and are also very well aware of how much talent these players have. But a big area of concern is that they’re missing a strong starter at the running back position, and pay per head agents can see that Eli Manning is a not very consistent at all – something that local bookies know does not help their cause in any way.

Besides the receiving part of their game, there no longer seems to be a lot to like about this team as the pass rush that their defense were proud of once is almost non-existent, besides Jason Pierre-Paul – a very talented player who price per head services believe could help save the day when the team face opponents with better ammunition.

Pay per head agents believe that the current Giants squad will be able to survive in the regular season due to the few games – and random ones – where they could get their act together and somehow work their magic, but many local bookies don’t believe that the team will make it to the playoffs again this season, although many of their fans differ. Pay per head agents don’t know if the Giants will be able to pull of a surprise, but local bookies can see that many in the football world are very optimistic for the team this season, despite the odds against them.

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Many local bookies believe that the Giants should make some pretty big changes in their current team – to not mention their playing style – if they want to make it anywhere this season, and pay per head agents know that they must act very quickly, as the regular season is around the corner. To sum it up, local bookies and pay per head agents believe that the Giants won’t be very impressive at all this time around, but how the team will eventually perform remains to be seen.