The Nuggets decide to part ways with Brian Shaw

The Nuggets decide to part ways with Brian ShawTim Connelly, Nuggets GM, announced that the team decided to part ways with Brian Shaw, and now price per head sportsbooks would like to see if things will finally improve for the team.

Denver lost six games in a row, and under Shaw’s guidance they were seriously struggling this season to get a record of 20-39, something that the team’s fans are not taking very well at all.

A source reported that Melvin Hunt, an assistant of Shaw, will take the role of the Nuggets’ interim coach. Hunt is currently in his third season with the team following five seasons working as the assistant coach of the Cavaliers.

Many fans were surprised when they saw the Nuggets – who are set back by a losing streak of ten games at home – got together, chanting “1-2-3 … Six weeks!” Shaw said that the team did not refer to the season ending – which will be in approximately six weeks – when they chanted this, but said that they were referring to the last time that the team won a meeting that took place at home.

“The comment that the players made when they got together and said ‘1, 2, 3, six weeks!’ was the players saying ‘This is the end of the six weeks, we’re going to get a win tonight on our home court and break the six-week losing spell on our home court.’ Not six weeks that it’s the end of the season,” said Shaw. “Now, coincidentally it does happen to be a little over six weeks from then, that it’s the end of the season. But I think our players and the Denver Nuggets as a whole were misrepresented in how that was reported.”

Shaw leaves the Nuggets after being with them for less than two NBA seasons. He took the position of coach prior to last season, when Denver were at 36-46 in the midst of various injuries suffered by crucial players.

The Nuggets’ fans can clearly see that the team is seriously struggling on the court, and hope that that things will turn around for them. Even though they currently having plenty of problems, many price per head sportsbooks believe that things will improve for them – even if it takes a while – and many fans out there are very confident of seeing them bounce back from this bad spell.