The Patriots are still not sure if Tyms or Browner will be activated

Brian Tyms-PatriotsOn Friday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said that he still doesn’t know if WR Brian Tyms or CB Brandon Browner will be activated before the team faces the Bengals on Sunday night, and sports software services can’t wait to find out.

”We’ll make that decision in the next 48-plus hours,” Belichick said about both players who are coming back after being suspended for four games due to NFL drug policy violations.

After New England was beaten by Kansas City 41-14 on Monday night, the players only practiced once for a full day. On Wednesday, the Patriots had a walkthrough indoors, and on Friday they were only wearing shoulder pads.

Besides that, the players worked out by themselves, and they took part in activities that were not related to football.

”You could go out there and run laps around the field forever and do sit-ups, but until you put the other 21 guys out there on the field it’s different,” said the coach. ”Guys that miss time, whether it’s a player coming back off an injury or the Tyms-Browner situation or whatever it is, there’s an element to football — reactions, timing, execution — that’s separate from conditioning.”

Browner, who weighs 221 pounds and is 6-4, is expected to strengthen what appears to be a weak defense after they were demolished on Monday night, and who this week must see what to do with WR’s Mohamed Sanu and A.J. Green. Tyms, who can be a real threat on the field, can assist an offense – especially QB Tom Brady – that could be in serious trouble.

The players did not feature in a game for New England after they signed for the team as free agents, and many fans can’t wait to see how they’ll perform if they do play for the team.

”They’re both good football players,” said the coach. ”They bring their strengths. The other players have their strengths. We’ll have to try to make the decision as to what we feel is best for this game and our situation.”

Sports software services know that if New England makes the decision to not bring back to the team one or both of the players, they would have a one-game exemption in their roster, something that would end on Monday morning, when both of them would have to turn into free agents or be part of the team’s 53-player roster list.

Tyms and Browner did not want to discuss this, as they said that they’re waiting to feature in their first games alongside the Patriots.
On defense, Browner’s friends know what it could mean if the player returns.

”Oh, ‘B,’ man, He’s an avatar,” said CB Kyle Arrington. ”Obviously, his résumé speaks for itself. Great guy, on and off the field, and I’m sure the coaches will utilize him however they see fit.”

When Arrington was asked about Browner’s refusal to talk until he hits the field, he said, ”B’s an extreme competitor. Our group, in general, we’re hard workers, we’re extremely competitive, but B especially, he likes to do his talking on the field and let his game speak for itself.”