The year could be over for WR Percy Harvin

WR Percy Harvin - JetsWR Percy Harvin had one of his top performances in a couple of years – impressing internet bookmakers and fans alike – but the player could have no choice but to miss the rest of the year after suffering an injury to his left ankle in the fourth quarter when the Jets were beaten 30-24 by the Vikings in overtime.

Harvin was on crutches when he left TCF Bank Stadium, and he said that he was going to be evaluated.

“I can’t talk too much about the injury other than it will be evaluated here in a little bit,” the player said.

His injury – and the team’s loss to the Vikings – put an end to the WR’s return to the team, where he played for four seasons before he was traded last year to the Seahawks.

Minnesota turned into a source of bad luck for Harvin when it came to injuries.

The WR suffered a right ankle injury in 2012 that put his season to an end, in what proved to be his last game as a player for the Vikings. He also aggravated his hip – which was surgically repaired – in a meeting with Minnesota, and this was the only game played in 2013 for the Seahawks in a regular season.

Then this problem happened, and many fans could not believe it. The player could not return for the only possession that the Jets had during overtime. A punt ended it.

“I wanted to be out there, battling with my teammates, so, yeah, that part was very disappointing,” he said.

The player and many fans heard plenty of jeers throughout the matchup, and internet bookmakers saw that in a score made on a catch for 35 yards, he flipped the football to a Vikings fan.

“I’m not a big rah-rah guy, so to hear the boos and finally get that score, staring was a pretty good feeling,” said Harvin.

Coach Rex Ryan said that the player was “the difference in the game. He gave us a great shot with his return ability, as a receiver, everything. He did a tremendous job for us and, obviously, we know the kind of explosive player he is. The kind of talent he has is rare.”

Ever since Harvin was traded to the Jets, internet bookmakers saw that he was able to catch the ball 25 times for 306 yards and score one TD in six meetings.