Three Florida players miss opener against Idaho

Florida Gators footballFlorida’s Live betting fans were anticipating a very interesting showdown between their team and the Idaho Vandals, but were not too happy at all when they saw that not only was the game suspended, but three of Florida’s players were also out of the game, and now they wonder what awaits them.

Gators coach Will Muschamp suspended starting defensive tackle Darious Cummings, before Florida’s opening game against Idaho on Saturday, which also ended up being suspended due unsafe conditions on the field.

Backup defensive tackle Jay-nard Bostwick and wide receiver Demarcus Robinson – a sophomore who is set to play a very big part in the new spread offense to be employed by the Gators, and who is considered by many fans to be a very important part of the team – were also suspended by the coach.

A school official said that whether or not the players’ suspension would also move to Florida’s next game would not be made on Saturday night. Before the game, Muschamp said that he was looking forward to seeing all three of them return to action next week.

Last season, Cummings, who is a senior, had one sack, one interception, and 15 tackles. Robinson, will have no choice but to miss out on his fourth game due to a suspension since he arrived at Florida. Last season, the player had five catches.

The coach said that the suspension that Robinson got was due to “a university sanction that is now resolved,” and both Cummings and Bostwick were out for breaking the team’s rules.

“I support the university sanction,” Muschamp said. “We have rules here that we have to follow — team, athletic department and university rules — and when you don’t follow them there are consequences.”

There hasn’t been a makeup date set for the teams’ season opener, which was set back twice due to heavy rain, and many Live betting fans would like to see when they will finally hit the field. The game got underway after a delay due to lightning that lasted almost three-hours – and after 10 seconds it stopped, before it ended up being suspended.