WR Kelvin Benjamin didn’t start for the Panthers in their loss to the Seahawks

WR Kelvin Benjamin-PanthersKelvin Benjamin, WR for the Panthers , did not start in the team’s 13-9 loss on Sunday to the Seahawks after what the player said was a decision made by the coach. Many price per head fans now wonder what really happened with the player for him to miss out on the game, and can’t wait to find out.

Ron Rivera, Panthers coach, said that he wanted to send a message to the player.

“That you’re accountable just like everybody else,” said Rivera.

The coach refused to give details on the problem, and now many fans wonder when more information will be released.

Benjamin said that he did not get any details by the coach over why he didn’t start this season for the first time. When the player was asked about what was he was responsible for, he simply said, “Everything.”

“Being a great teammate, knowing my assignments, just being a pro,” said the player.

The WR came into the game during the first possession by the Panthers, and on the fifth play, the player was able to catch a pass from 17 yards. The WR, who’s a favorite with many price per head fans, was the one who was leading the team in catches with four made for 94 yards, which include a very impressive catch from 51 yards between Richard Sherman, the very famous CB, and Earl Thomas, safety and ex-punt returner.

In the game’s first half, Benjamin also allowed a pass for a TD slip away when the Panthers were only able to score six points on three trips inside the Seahawks’ 20.

This season, the player was able to record 38 catches for five TD’s and 571 yards, which is a team-high.

The WR said that he wasn’t worried about why he wasn’t able to start in games as much as before, as the player was focusing on “when I got my chance and got in I wanted to leave my mark.”

Many NFL fans are well aware of how much talent Benjamin has, and are very eager to see the player in action as soon as possible, but would also like to find out why he had to miss out on the game against the Seahawks. After all, the Panthers lost, and whether or not the player could have made a difference in the game will remain a mystery.