RB Jackson believes that Marrone didn’t properly handle his departure

Bills RB Fred JacksonOn Monday, Bills RB Fred Jackson said that he was feeling abandoned after Doug Marrone – the team’s former coach – suddenly left the team last week, and pay per head agents can fully understand why the player feels this way.

“Any time you get a text message saying that it’s happening, you feel like you got punched in the stomach,” said Jackson in Buffalo’s WGR 550 SportsRadio. “I mean, stuff could have been handled different. We don’t … we all weren’t in the room and understand what went down.”

Jackson, who’s a captain of the team, said that now the players have to “move on” after the former coach put his contract to an end after using an opt-out clause, and many fans know that getting past this obstacle is the most important thing that the team can do right now.

It was reported that after news of his announcement of the opt-out clause, Marrone texted all of his players, and he told them to give him a call if there were questions.

“It’s the unfortunate part of the business,” he said. “Everybody makes decisions that best suits them. For us, we’re not going to dwell on what he decided to do.”

On Sunday, Marrone was interviewed by the Jets, but the RB played down the effect of the former coach possibly moving to a rival in the division.

“No, he’s just gonna be another guy,” said Jackson. “Obviously, we’ll want to beat him when we play him. But it’s not going to fuel or motivate us in any different capacity. He’s just another guy now. He’s not somebody that we’re worried about what he’s doing.”

In the last few days, the Bills asked to interview potential candidates for the position. GM Doug Whaley and owner Terry Pegula took part in the team’s hunt for a new head coach. Now many fans wonder who the guy in charge will be.

“[We] put all our faith in the Pegulas to get this thing fixed and get us a great coaching staff to come here,” said Jackson.

“Somebody that is here and wants to be here and we’re excited to play for.”

Buffalo’s fans and pay per head agents can see that the team received a very big shock with Marrone’s departure, and they seriously hope that they will be able to overcome his loss and find somebody else who can fill in his shoes.

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