Clowney said that he’s ready for the Texans’ game against the Titans

Jadeveon Clowney knee injuryJadeveon Clowney, outside LB for the Texans and a favorite with many local bookies, said that he’ll be able to play on Sunday against the Titans despite still feeling a bit sore.

“I’m the best I’m going to be this season, I feel like,” said the player. “Take it and go ahead and play football.”

Clowney, who this year was the top draft pick overall, suffered a torn meniscus in the first half of the Texans’ season opening game against the Redskins. He was injured when he landed in an awkward manner after jumping in a play. On September 8, he received surgery, and on October 17 he went back to practice. Houston took on Pittsburgh the Friday before that on Monday night.

In Pittsburgh, the player was testing his knee but didn’t feature in the game – and the player’s fans were glad that he sat out for this meeting. They also learned that Clowney was fine when he was running at full speed, but he had a lot of trouble when it came to moving in different directions.

“It’s coming along all right,” the player said about his knee injury. “The knee’s going to bother me a little bit, but there’s some stuff you gotta push through and come out here and play.”

Despite his words, many fans are still concerned about his knee, and seriously hope that won’t be aggravated again when he faces Tennesse on Sunday.

However, his fans were also relieved, as he will not be taking all of the workload when he plays for the first time after being out. Bill O’Brien, Texans coach, said that the team will try to ease Clowney into his usual time on the field after being out of the game for six weeks due to the injury.

“Just going to practice, working on my craft,” said the player. “[I need to] get back in football shape. I’ve been running, but it’s still not the same as running around on the football field.”

Local bookies hope that Clowney will be in top shape for the meeting, but will closely monitor the player’s performance when he returns to action for the Texans. Clowney’s fans are confident that he’ll do a very good job in his return, and can’t wait to see him help his team to many wins in future clashes.