Teddy Bridgewater is not worried about his ankle

TeddyBridgewater2-VikingsOn Sunday, when Teddy Bridgewater gets back the job of starting QB for the Vikings – in a comeback that’s eagerly anticipated by many football betting fans – there will be no worries about the player’s sprained left ankle that was keeping him out of the last game that the team played.

On Wednesday, the player said that he’s feeling “100 percent” after he wasn’t able to take on the Packers in the game last Thursday, and also said that when he faces the Lions, he’ll have no need to wear anything on his ankle to the protect it. This game will be the player’s second start in his career. Initially, the rookie sprained his ankle on September 28 against the Falcons, putting an end to a performance in which he was able to throw for 319 yards and impress many fans.

“I’ve been able to spend the majority of my time in the training room, and I credit those guys with just helping me and pushing me to get back to 100 percent,” said the player.

Bridgewater did not want to say if he was pushing to play last Thursday against the Packers, saying that the decision was made by coach Mike Zimmer. However, WR Greg Jennings said that before the game took place, Bridgewater did realize that he would not be very efficient on the field if he plays with the injury, something that PerHead.eu fans can fully agree with.

“He just simply said, ‘I want to be able to put my best out there.’ He didn’t feel like he was going to be able to do that,” said Jennings. “He didn’t want to put something out there that wasn’t going to be able to get it done. You have to respect him. A lot of young guys would just go out there and try to do it just because; peer pressure, if you will. But toughness isn’t shown just physically. It’s mental toughness, too, and he definitely has that.”

However, this week the player said that he’s not worried about being able to run on the ankle that was injured, and this could be useful when his team faces the Lions, who this season were able to post 17 sacks.

“The training staff here has done a great job of just helping me get that strength back in my ankle,” said the player. “On Sunday, I’ll just be able to play at full speed.”