Will Duke make good use of their offense and beat Virginia?

Duke Blue DevilsDuke recently defeated Georgia Tech 31-25. Pay per head agents can see that the Blue Devils are 5-1 so far this season, and are very eager to clinch a sixth victory when they take on the Virginia Cavaliers at home, in a game that many fans won’t want to miss.

This season, Virginia are 4-2, and in the Coastal ACC they’re No.1. The Cavaliers were able to beat Pittsburgh by 5 points, and early this season, Virginia was able to take out the Louisville Cardinals with a very nice win, and had tight games when they took on other teams.

Virginia has a very good idea of what to do with the ball, and they will most likely show their skills when they face the Blue Devils. In air play, QB’s Greyson Lambert and Matt Johns were both able to combine for 9 scores and record over 1,200 yards. Canaan Severin – wideout who many fans know is a very important part of the team – was able to make 21 catches for more than 250 yards, impressing many fans along the way.

In each game played, the Blue Devils are running for 228 yards, while they were able to hold the teams they faced to only 16 points. QB Anthony Boone is very knowledgeable when it comes to throwing the ball, and the player also knows how to keep mistakes at a minimum. When it comes to the offense, Boone should be able to beat the Cavaliers.

Pay per head agents can see that the Blue Devils are not getting a lot of respect despite the fact that they just won on the road, and are now going back home where this season they are 3-0. The Cavaliers did very well on the field, but all of the best performances made by the team took place at home. The Blue Devils did a great job when they beat UVA, and many experts believe that Duke will be the ones to win the game, but this remains to be seen.

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