Bears safety Chris Conte suffered an injury to his left eye

Chris Conte injuryOn Thursday, Chris Conte, safety for the Bears, was taken to the team’s locker room in the first quarter of his team’s 34-17 loss to the Lions on Thanksgiving Day, and bookmaker services found out that after a concussion evaluation, trainers made the decision that he would not be able to continue paying due to an injury to the eye.

The Bears also made the announcement that DE Cornelius Washington wouldn’t be able to feature for the remainder of the matchup after suffering an injury to the chest.

This pretty much tops off a list of injury problems for the player, who this season was diagnosed with a couple of concussions, as well as having missed time due to sprains suffered in both of his shoulders – something that worried many fans.

The eye injury took place in the game’s first quarter, when he collided with Calvin Johnson, WR for the Lions. Detroit announced said that they were evaluating the player for a concussion when he ended up leaving the field before he later said that what the player had was an injured eye

Conte ended up leaving the field following the play, and in the team’s lineup he was replaced by Brock Vereen. First it seemed as if the player’s eye had something stuck in it. He was constantly wiping his left eye with a towel while being attended by trainers.

On Tuesday, Marc Trestman, Bears coach, praised Conte after the adversity that he had to deal with during the season, and bookmaker services could see that there was a lot that the player already put up with.

“I think he’s been pretty steady in terms of he’s overcome a lot this year: intermittent injury and things have happened to him,” said Trestman. “I think he’s moved along and is playing at a much more sufficient level for us on a week-to-week basis, and playing with more confidence. He’s been physical at the line of scrimmage when he’s had opportunities to make some tackles. He’s trying to get better like all the rest of us, but I think he’s made some movement in the right direction, certainly.”

This season, Conte was held out of or was not able to keep on playing in six of the meetings with the club.

In the meantime, Washington was playing in nine meetings mostly as a reserve, as well as a special teamer.

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